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Darin Mock sets sights on success at Sonoma Raceway

SONOMA, CA (April 28, 2022) – If Darin Mock was ever looking for a

race to gain some redemption from a previous one, Sonoma Raceway is

the place.

After a shortened race not of his doing at Leguna Seca last weekend, Mock

and the No. 75 Hodgdon Ford Mustang team of Mike Cope Racing head to

the Wine Country road course with high hopes. Despite the fact Mock is

taking on back-to-back tracks having never raced them before, the 19-

year-old TA2 Class Trans Am Series driver has level-headed approach.

“Being a rookie, I knew taking on so many new tracks was going to happen

a lot this season,” Mock said. “But, the one thing I can honestly say is I

find myself adapting fairly quickly to the twists and turns of each week.

Last week was last week, our focus is on this weekend.

“I drove a BMW Class car on Wednesday at Sonoma and that really helped

me out quite a bit. Getting some time in a simulator is good, but nothing

beats the actual feel when you drive around a course.

“Sonoma is a tricky one with its unique layout. I’m looking forward to

practice and qualifying to get a better feel in my Ford Mustang. Those are

going to really help me prepare for the race on Saturday, for sure.”

Continuing the partnership with Hodgdon on board again for this race, the

throwback scheme reflects to when Butch Mock owned the Rahmoc Racing

team in NASCAR. In 1983, Hodgdon was on board when Neil Bonnett drove

the team’s No. 75 to multiple victories with backing from Warner Hodgdon.

“I can’t say enough about Aaron and Justin Hodgdon coming on board

again for this race,” Mock said. “Their dad partnered with my dad, and now

their children are partnering again to continue the relationship. Its been

pretty incredible.

“All of us at Mike Cope Racing have worked hard to get this car repaired

and ready to race Sonoma. The guys on the team put in some serious

hours to fix the front end and radiator. I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough times

for all they have done.

“Hodgdon and some of his people are going to be joining us at the track

again this week. We’re looking forward to having a great race for them and

I’m going to do all I can out there to make sure it happens.”

After this race, the Trans Am Series is off until the last weekend of May

when they take on Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, CT. Mock is looking to gain

Championship and Rookie of the Year Points this weekend, and as the

season rolls on into 2022.

For more information about Darin Mock, check out and for Trans Am info

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